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Universal OBDII Oxygen Sensor Simulator

MSRP: $49.99
Price: Retired product
Item Number: O2_Sim_2.5
Manufacturer: Suprock Technologies
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This unit is universal and will replace any 0-0.9V post-catalytic Nernst oxygen sensor found on OBDII production vehicles. Compatible with most domestic and import vehicles.  Our simulators will work for the rear O2 sensors. The front O2 sensors are used by the ECU to calculate Air/Fuel mixture. Therefore, we recommend using these simulators only for rear O2 sensors.


The Suprock Technologies O2 Simulator is made exclusively from traceable aerospace grade electronic components. For example, Suprock Tech makes use of the latest surface mount technology including high-value multi layer ceramic capacitors. The quality of the components is critical for longevity and reliability. As a design firm for the aerospace industry, Suprock Tech spares no expense to produce the highest quality product. The quality shows, even in the printed circuit board where the FR4 substrate bears a photo developed gloss black solder mask. The use of screw terminal connectors is another sign of the high quality and attention to detail on this product. An added touch of detail is the white-blue diamond 8200k LED's used on the design. These  LED's are a true reflection on the design detail of the Suprock Tech O2 sensor simulator and show a commitment to implementing cutting edge component technology. This device is for OFF ROAD USE ONLY and bears no DOT approval. It is intended for use during track races, rally racing, drag racing, or other sport racing events to prevent check engine light from illuminating during the off road driving. If you remove all of your catalytic converters, you may be violating the law.

OBDII O2 sensor simulator for modified vehicle applications that use the stock ECU. This device should be used in compliance with local emissions regulations. United States Federal regulations require that the catalytic converter remain on the vehicle to be road legal. In some locations if you wish to legally drive a modified stock vehicle, you should be able to pass an emissions sniff test. Legitimate applications include:
- Modifications of an exhaust after a turbocharger while installing/leaving the upstream catalyst before the turbocharger.
- Autocross, rally, drag, etc. vehicles using the stock ECU to perform engine management.
- Alteration of a California CARB qualified vehicle to meet the regulatory standards of another State.
- Replacement of stock oxygen sensors with a superior technology such as a linear (wideband) sensor that is not compatible with the stock ECU.
- Use of a piggyback ECU system that does not take inputs from Nernst O2 sensors.
- Use of a modern engine and ECU in a classic car replica or kit car with period-correct exhaust.

Special Compatibility Notes:
The device is compatible with Subaru WRX ECU's and can work in conjunction with Cobb Tuning Accessport system. Using the Accessport, users can turn on the CEL codes related heated catalyst and rear 02 sensor while using the O2 sensor simulator to provide signal to the ECU. This eliminates problems associated with "not ready" status.

Typical Connections:
HTR1- Heater wire
HTR2- Heater wire (+12V)
+12V- Can be spliced from +12V heater wire
SIG- Sensor signal wire
REF- Sensor ground wire
GND- Chassis Ground

Product Reviews

(10 Ratings, 4 Reviews) Average Rating:
Works Great, Extremely High Quality. Check Engine Light Off, Instantly.
Sara Lam (Glendale, CA) 2/17/2012 3:59 PM
Great Product, Great Price. Thank you for making a high quality product for a very accessible price.
O2 Sensor Simulators
Clint Dunlap (Decatur, AL) 1/21/2012 9:11 PM
The video explains how to install the simulators perfectly, and they work! No more CEL due to my new headers. Thanks for a great product!
03 WRX Wagon w/ turbo back exhaust
Barry Cox (Acworth, GA) 11/26/2011 7:33 AM
Wow ! This simulator worked Great !I have a 03 WRX Wagon with turbo back exhaust.It was not a throwing a code but would not pass emissions because O2 sensor not ready.My local tuner shop said the could possibly fix it for around $200 ? This simulator fixed the issue without a trip to the tuner shop. Thanks !Barry Cox
Plant Operator, Weekend track warrior
CB (Los Angeles, CA) 10/2/2011 9:18 PM
Works like a charm and cleared all my codes. Excellent build quality, reputable company and affordable price. Absolutely worth every penny and more! Thank you very much!!